25 years experience in education and instructional design.

Over three-decades as an educator with experience in developing programs, curriculum development, teaching, and assessment.

The first educator to develop a successful online distant educational program that reached 2.3 million students and teachers in 40 nations.  The program, "Space Islands," was placed into the Library of Congress in 1996 as a historical event.

Outsourcing services to mid-size businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneur online businesses.

Project based e-learning, in-house, and customer services.

Curriculum development, lesson plans, and online content

Strategic Storytelling and Visual Media Content

Worked as an instructional design consultant with JPL/ NASA educational programs.

Experience in PC\Mac\Linux systems, adobe products,

3D animation, pre-video production, production, and post-production, storyboarding, and media technology for both online and mobile apps.

Peter Romero, M.Ed.

Instructional Designer

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results of poor management training and education

  • Unhappy Employees and High Turnover

  • Low Rates of Production

  • Unsafe Work Environment

  • Ineffective Staff Management 

  • Increased Business Expenses

  • Loss of Customers

results of poor employee training and education

  • High turnover

  • Low rate of production

  • Unsafe work environment

  • Increase in business expenses

  • More sick days

  • Loss of Customers

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"If you think training is expensive,

 try ignorance."  Peter Drucker


According to the Hub (Martinelli, K, 2018) Results of poor training, can lead you facing legal repercussions, an increase in workplace accidents, decreased staff morale and increased absence. Inadequately trained employees are likely to experience poor job performance and increased levels of work-related stress."

For example, in the nonprofit world, the majority of hires (44%) come from previous held nonprofit positions.  The top reasons for nonprofit turn overs is communication, mentorship, and poor training.  This eventually also weakens the client donation base.  Clients need education as to what they are donating to and many nonprofits assume that their vision and missions are understood.  Dangerous.

Today, many educators have turned to e-learning as a supplement learning alternative.  However, electronic flip-charts are not productive even with all the bells and whistles a program has to offer.  If a student is learning, he is also changing.  

My experience in instructional design stretches from the classroom to the global community.  Over three decades of hands-on experience in developing proactive learning experiences with students ranging from K-12 to adult, from schools to businesses.  

  • Manages the total learning experience by leading/consulting closely with learning team to develop and deploy learning strategies to support the accomplishment of business goals

  • Assesses internal client's training needs and identifies corresponding performance gaps

  • Develops training strategies that support the client's strategic goals and leverages appropriate resources to design and implement the strategies

  • Consults and coaches senior leaders on learning applications. Uses systematic thinking to connect all components of learning and performance management.

  • Develops strategies, full program curricula, learning architectures, learning plans, and competencies.

  • Evaluates the impact of recommended solution(s).

  • Possesses a toolkit of methodologies, tools, and templates for client adaptability.

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